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The Big Question: What is Better, Film or Digital?

The answer is: Neither.

 As of this date digital rivals film in most every way. the DSLRs I'm now shooting with produces image resolution, color reproduction and clarity on par and even better than 35mm film. Professional Digital photography does require a higher degree of photographic and post production skills that I do have. The biggest advantage of digital capture is the relative simplicity of image editing.
 In some instances film is better suited because of it's (still so far) broader latitude of exposure. Film has a different quality to it and can capture details in some instances that digital can not. I like film (probably because I'm kind of retro) The drawbacks being cost of materials, processing and complications the of retouching a film captured image.

What kind of cameras do you use?

 I shoot primarily with Nikon Professional series DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and 35mm SLR Film cameras. I use Professional Nikon Cameras and lenses almost exclusively.

What kind of back ups do you have in the event of an equipment failure?

 When photographing an important event like a wedding I believe that "Murphy's Law" reigns supreme. Cameras break, flashes refuse to flash, anything can happen. I carry a back up of for every piece of photography equipment I use, and always bring twice the materials i.e. film, batteries etc. I think I will actually use.

How Long Have you Been a Professional Photographer?

The short answer: Since 1980
The long version: About the Photographer
A longer version: The Photographer's Story

What percentage of your business is Weddings, Portraits or ?

 Right now it stands about 40% Weddings, Events and Engagement Photography, 20% Theatrical & Commercial Headshots and Portraits 20% Editorial Photography, and the other remaining 20% Assignment, Commercial, Live Publicity etc.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

 Yes, I belong to Professional Photographers of America and Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association (a member group of Professional Photographers of California).

What about your prices ?

 Generally speaking my prices fall in the moderate range. I can tailor prices to fit your budget and photographic needs because, well... I'm my own boss.
All wedding packages include the film negatives and /or the digital image files for you to keep.

What is your style of Photography?

 Well I am, in essence, an Editorial Photographer and Photojournalist however I am a Studio photographer as well.
 A German writer for a French magazine called me versatile and Avant-garde...
 I don't really know to tell you the truth, but I have spent a lot of time reflecting on things such as what is my "style" of photography? But I think style comes with time and is a difficult thing to force.
 I think more important than photographic style is being aware of the literal nature of the images I see then I strive to go beyond them in an aesthetic sense to create a print.

Where are you located and will you travel to photograph events?

 I am located in Ventura, California. My photography services are available anywhere locally in the county including: Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Paula and Fillmore, Port Hueneme, Point Mugu and Oxnard, Ojai (and surrounding towns) Newbury Park , Moorpark, Mission Oaks and Camarillo.
 In Santa Barbara County: Montecito, Isla Vista, Goleta, Carpinteria (Carpentria)
Also in Los Angeles County including: Westlake Village, Santa Monica, Malibu, Calabasas and Agoura Hills.
 For assignments outside of these areas there will be a travel fee.

Photographers services in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, Ca. Weddings, Events, Editorial, Portraits, Headshots and Publicity Photos.

  Photographers service is available without travel fees in all of Ventura County including Camarillo, Ojai, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Port Hueneme and Oxnard, Simi Valley and Moorpark, California. Also In Santa Barbara, California and surrounding cities including Isla Vista, Goleta, Carpinteria (Carpentaria) and Montecito. In Los Angeles County including Santa Monica, Malibu, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Newbury Park. Photographer is available in all of California and is reasonably available for destination wedding photography and location assignments.

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