A Blast From The Past

Post Neo Retro Modern Wedding Photograph High Key

I was digging around looking through this insane amount of data and found a Blast From the Past… Actually a Double Past Blast because this is My Wife in Her Wedding Dress… Shot with a Nikon D70. Retro, Retro Wedding Photography Along about 2003 there seemed to be a shift in wedding imagery to “retro”… […]

How To Photograph a Wedding

Canon f1 with Film Magazine - Early Wedding Photojournalism

How to photograph a wedding… This is one of the top Internet search terms related to Weddings and there are many pages out there addressing the question. Many if not most of the articles out there on the subject are either aimed to discourage the weekend novice photographer from shooting weddings or are some kind […]

The Nikon D2x

Nikon D2X Digital SLR

New Equipment: 2 NIKON D2x Camera Bodies As to the shooting performance with the exception of the small format sensor is all I could ever ask for. The camera is fast, agile and easy to handle. The menus though not exactly intuitive, didn’t give me brain damage and currently I must admit I’m still sussing […]

About This Blog


” Hey Daniel… Why don’t you have a Blog” . “Daniel… You have so much to say… You should start a blog” . “Have you considered Blogging?”… (Blogging? Huh… Is that like Flogging or Frogging?) Alright Already… I have published articles about photography and images on the Internet for quite a few years now, you […]