Photographer's Privacy Policy

 I would assume that if you are reading this you... A: have a lot of time on your hands or... B: You are a little paranoid or... C: Neither or both A&B and/or have reasons for reading boring privacy statements on websites that are beyond my guessing.  

  I looked around at other website privacy policy pages to see what they said. What I found were long complicated and sometimes vague paragraphs seemingly prepared by lawyers designed to put your fears of identity theft and the like at ease. I even went to the National Security Agency's website, and guess what... they have a "privacy and security" page if you can believe that.    

 I can tell you that I won't be visiting some websites any more or at the very least won't send them any of my information.

 So here it is, our official privacy policy:  We do not sell, or share personal information about you sent to us with anyone. and  The cookies from this site are only used by us for website performance tracking that is provided by Google Analytics. God only knows what Google does with the information aside from providing us with the traffic data. However I personally believe that whatever information they collect is only put to benign use.

In closing I wish you the best and if you can think of anything I have missed please drop me a line to let me know.