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I have enjoyed working with and photographing many people over the years and I can say honestly that every shoot has been my pleasure (even the ones that were not so fun). The experience of capturing images of and for all my clients has made my life a richer one.

Thank You all for being part of my life.

What clients have to say about us

  •   Hey Daniel!  I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet/work with you today. You really are gifted; I didn’t think anyone could get me to relax in front of that big ‘ole lens but you so succeeded!!! thank you so much!!!!! your personality/demeanor/down-to-earth vibe was a HUGE factor. I just finished my first run through! holy s**t!!! this is too much like work I really liked a lot of the shots but it’s probably going to come down to your pick’s!! I don’t know, it will be interesting to compare notes. Anyway, again, thank you so much for making it a fun/pleasant experience!!! One very appreciative client!!! peace Kathryn Miller Headshots 7/19/2009
  •   Daniel was just that “Simply the Best” He delivered way more than we expected and was way more than a pleasure to have around on our special day, literally the life of the party! We booked him at the very last minute for our wedding in Camarillo, so what he managed to pull off was honestly phenomenal, he must be one of the most sensitive and in-tune people on the planet. He had both of us write a short story the evening before our wedding day (the day we booked him!) and I think from that he must have extracted everything he needed to know to shoot our wedding exactly the way we wanted it. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with my wedding album! Julia Wedding Date: 07/04/09
  • “Daniel’s work is phenomenal! We hired him to do some basic wedding shots and he went above and beyond anything we’d expected, under promising and over delivering! Daniel called the day before the wedding when he had a clearing in his schedule to come to the rehearsal and take some shots. This was not in the contract. The day of the wedding, Daniel and his assistant showed up early with mentionable patience. With a wedding party of 19 people and over 100 family members there were many opportunities for frustration. Daniel has an incredible way with people and somehow managed to get everyone to cooperate throughout the day. Did I mention he stayed longer than he was contracted to? I expected to wait weeks for the final discs to be delivered. As a new bride you can only imagine my excitement to have them within a few days! The only problem was going through quite literally thousands of pictures! They were all so wonderful it was nearly impossible to choose which ones to have printed for us and family. If you’re looking for a photographer who understands just how important your “Special Day” truly is, and someone who’s work will speak for itself, I highly recommend Colegrove Photography. Thank you, Daniel!!!!!!!! ” from a review on Wedding Date: 6/23/07
  • Thank You for creating beautiful memories from our special day. You did an awesome job and we loved looking at all of the pictures. Thanks! Post card from: Mathew Brighton and Bethany Pearson-Brighton – October ’07 Wedding
  • Hello Daniel! How are you?  First of all I just wanted to thank you again for photographing my Wedding!  You were awesome.  All the guests liked you as did I.  We all thought you had a great sense of humor and you made everyone feel comfortable. email from Jaime (the Bride)-Wedding October ’07
  • Hey Mr. Colegrove its Adam Langsam. So here are the shots that my so called honest people believe have the best attributes. The numbers for them are…… Let me know what your opinion is on these and then I guess we go to touch ups from their. Thanks again for an amazing shoot, your lighting and techniques are wonderful.  email from Actor Adam Langsam
  •  “Daniel, thank you for being so much fun at the wedding. The DJ told us you were the one responsible for the Father Son dance, pure genius! we’re still laughing”  Thank you card from – The Mother of the Bride. Wedding Ojai, California.
  • “Thank you for doing such an awesome job for Debora and Mike (wedding). Please mail me some cards so I can pass them out to my friends and family..”  email from – Danielle LaRocca. Wedding Malibu & Ventura, California.
  • “Hello Daniel, We wanted to tell you that WE’RE PREGNANT! and thank you so much for being a part of our wedding”  email from – Suzanne and David. Wedding Ojai, California.
  • “I want to thank you again, our wedding could have been a disaster. You are truly a wonderful man”…”The photographs attest to your caring skill. God Bless You Daniel.”  Thank you card – Stacey Wright. Wedding Santa Barbara, California.
  • “Thank you Daniel You were wonderful and the album is so nice.”  Thank you card – Gina and Scott. Wedding Malibu, California. “Just got the album and wanted to say thank you for the memories”  Thank you card – Sue and Dan Hoyt. Wedding Oxnard, California. “You were so sweet and so much fun, thank you from M&M”  Thank you card – Mary and Mark Nielson. Wedding Camarillo, California.
  • “I Love the pictures and album! They are just FANTASTIC! I have had so much fun looking through them over and over again – they really capture the spirit and emotions of the day.”  Thank you card – Katie Jewell. Wedding July ’05 Camarillo, California
  • “You did a wonderful job on Brad’s portrait and he seemed to really enjoy the experience. Thank you so much. I can’t decide which one I like the best. I love them all.”  e-mail from Betty Vogel – Brad’s Grandmother.
  • “My agent was very impressed with his work. I needed a better portfolio. Daniel Colegrove’s work was 10 times better than the “BIG TIME” L.A. photographer that did my first portfolio. and Guess What, He cost me WAY LESS.”  Lisa La Pierre – Actress/Model. Santa Barbara, California.
  • “Colegrove Photography Delivers! Polished and professional images, on time and on the money. Set them on any assignment- Day, Night, Sitting still or Running – the shots you need come back in style.”  Hugh McManigal – McManigal Media. Ventura, California.
  • “Top of the line” We hired Daniel to shoot performance products and other images for our BMW site. Not only was the imagery fantastic but he has a good working knowledge of the machines, what could be better a BMW enthusiast photographing BMWs  BMW Chassis Specialists – Bmw Zen Performance USA.
  •  “Daniel Colegrove is a talented and versatile photographer, shooting in a range of styles from the classic Greek discipline of aesthetics to the Avant-garde Hollywood Headshot.”  Ernst Gottlieb – Telemetre Foto. Berlin Germany
  • “Daniel Colegrove of Colegrove Photography based in Ventura California is, in my opinion, THE Headshot Photographer . I have worked with a lot of photographers and Daniel’s unique style sets him apart from the crowd. An artist without the high caliber ego”  Brenda Navarro C.S.A. Los Angeles, California.
  • Just wanted to give a shout out to the “official” H.A.T.E. photographers Daniel and his wife Jennifer Colegrove!!!!!!!! Thanx a million for shooting us at the last minute, putting up with our [expletive] and being great friends!!!! …[goes on and on]… All our live pictures and the new “promo” pictures were done by Colegrove Photography.  Chris Cromlin of H.A.T.E

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