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Wedding Photography FAQs

Why do you photograph weddings?
 Weddings are an intense romantic and emotional experience, also difficult and challenging to photograph.

 I know a lot of accomplished photographers that just can't believe I like to shoot weddings and often ask me this same question. "why on earth do you shoot weddings?"

 I suppose that if I stayed in the studio and photographed actors and models with an occasional excursion out doors to do a magazine editorial I'd spend less time in post production and more than likely make more money but there is this thing...

 I have captured some amazing images in my career, some because they were just plain pretty or very visually provocative and some because they were terrifying and ugly.

 All of the amazing ones from weddings were amazing because they were beautiful. Weddings are beautiful, that's why I photograph them.

What is your style of wedding photography?
  At the core I suppose I am a photojournalist and artistic candid wedding photographer, however with a background in editorial photography I am at home with the Traditional, Classic, Formal and other controlled detail oriented wedding photography disciplines.
 When Photographing wedding ceremonies and receptions I use a minimum of two cameras and a combination of lenses, lighting and shooting styles. I carry multiple back ups of all my equipment. I tend to shoot a lot, why pack all this photo equipment and lug it from bride's home then to the wedding ceremony site and finally to the wedding reception if you are only going to snap a few shots. As for "style" per se I try to remain flexible, I "sketch" with the camera in order to capture an event from as many angles as possible. I have done a lot of different types of photography that require different disciplines and I incorporate all of this in photographing weddings.
 I enjoying shooting images that capture romance, motion and emotion, catching those moments of expression, shooting with available light when ever possible. I also tend to focus on impressionistic images of the details and events.
 I prefer casual group images and semi candid "formal" shots of the bride and groom. However some carefully arranged classics may be in order too.

What about your experience as a wedding photographer?
I have been a professional photographer since 1980. I photographed my first wedding in about 1984 (long before wedding photojournalism became popular, I've been called a "maverick" (come to think of it I was often called a punk back then too). Since 1990 I have photographed more than 500 weddings.
 I draw on many different type of experiences as a photographer including movie stills, straight photojournalism and documentary editorial and commercial illustrations.
 In short, I photograph people and those people within the context of both small and life changing events.

What kind of cameras do you use?
 I use Nikon Professional camera bodies both digital and film and Nikon Professional lenses, covering focal lengths from 16mm fisheye to 85mm prime lenses and from 17mm to 200mm zoom lenses (8 lenses in total). I also employ various strobe lighting (also Nikon Professional) and other light modifiers.

How intrusive will all this equipment be at our wedding?
 Not very if at all. I'll be wearing most of what I'm using and the primary camera is almost always in my hand, backups and other ancillary equipment is handled by my assistant.

Do you have backup equipment?
 Yes, I have at least two of every piece of equipment used to photograph your wedding.

and is it the same quality as the primary equipment?
 Yes It is, I use Identical professional camera bodies and lenses as backups and being a professional working photographer all of my equipment is inspected, serviced or replaced on a very regular basis.

How will you be dressed?
 I am always dressed to suit the occasion. I am aware and sensitive to the fact that my presence at you wedding is an integral part of this most important day, right down to and including my attire.
 A few things are part and parcel to the job...however so far nobody has noticed that I'm wearing black leather Skate / Tennis shoes with my Tuxedo.

Do you do black and white wedding Photography?
Yes, I shoot with both color and black and white film, also Images captured digitally can be easily converted to black and white.

How long until we receive our images
 Depending on the complexity of the wedding I usually takes me thee to five weeks to finish the post production.
 I have delivered proof images in as little as two days, and I also have taken more than a month (very complicated editorial wedding shoots and film work can take a lot of time just to sort).

Will you sell us the negatives/originals?
No... I just give them to you with the package... Along with license to print and share your wedding day images with family and friends

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