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Editorial image "White Boy".
Illustrative Editorial Photography. Editorial Photographer in Ventura and Santa Barbara, California.


What exactly is editorial photography?

Hollywood Walk of Fame‘Editorial’ refers to the market where the images will be used, primarily books, magazines, and newspapers, and to the style of photography that appears in these venues. The main point being that if a picture is worth a thousand words… I can save you a lot of copy space.
Professional photography is a competitive business and is becoming increasingly more so with the proliferation and technological advances in consumer level cameras. However owning a professional quality camera does not automatically make you a professional photographer. Photography is an acquired skill and requires exceptional compositional and lighting abilities, not to mention perceptional skills.

You want to be sure that the photographer you hire has the skill and expertise required to produce professional and compelling images. As a photographer with a background in Photojournalism, Dramatic Still Photography and fashion, I am well suited and equipped, from camera to post production.

Illustrative Photographer, Visual Communication. Publicity & Event Photography, Photographic Art work, Live music, concerts, corporate and private parties, award ceremonies, Promotional and Press shots. Studio and Location Photography for Advertising, Illustration, Promotions and Events – Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties.