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Getting Quality Wedding Photographs


A wedding photographer will face many obstacles at your wedding and many can be avoided with a little planning.


I have been a photographer for many years and could go on for pages listing them all, things as little as the drunk uncle amateur director of cinema to the rabid white dove release (attack); however, I will pare it down to just a handful. Actually just the top five.

 1. Cameras see things differently.

For things to appear natural and with the proper perspective a photographer needs to “take a step back” I find that there is never enough room to get the really great shots. Here are a few simple guidelines to help facilitate space for your photographer. Whenever possible at the ceremony leave at least 10 feet between the front row of chairs and the wedding party. This may seem like a lot of room and the mother of the bride may not agree with sitting so far away, but this is really a minimum. I would prefer 15 feet but my wife says no way you’ll never get it. Make the isle grand! As wide as possible! Here again a minimum of 8 feet is good mark to shoot for (10 feet is better).

2. Take It Slow!

During the Wedding Ceremony the more time I have to adjust and shoot the less I panic, relax, take your time, walk slowly (it helps build the drama too) look around and see who’s here, this is your wedding!

 3. The photographer has limited vision.

One thing that I’m sure even veteran photographers don’t realize is that while shooting they have “tunnel vision” and even between shooting peripheral vision is adversely affected for a while.

Caution guests ahead of time. The last thing you want is for the flower girl or the ring bearer to get stepped on at the reception by the photographer. I have actually walked over the top of a guest that jumped into the isle to snap a shot of the bride and grooms first kiss, I never saw him. Good thing I have good balance otherwise I would have missed the shot too!

4. The Brides Makeup.

The best bet here is to hire a professional makeup artist, they are trained to know what looks good on camera. Some consumer make ups have “sparkles” that cause little blown out spots in the images (especially under flash).

5.  And remember, this above all:

Enjoy this day.

For a thousand reasons a wedding can be a stressful ordeal, nothing ever goes exactly according to plan.

Even if you have hired a professional coordinator, designate one other person to do all the worrying and fretting for you. Then forbid them from telling you what has gone wrong. No matter what happens don’t get stressed. It will show in the pictures… The camera sees all.


Original Article Copyright © 2000 Daniel Colegrove. All Rights Reserved