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Yeah... It's Dusty in Here


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california-photographer-daniel-colegroveI didn't set out to be a photographer...It just kind of happened. I suppose it's possible that it's what I do because my Grandfather was an avid amateur photographer and I did admire the man a great deal, or it could be that my mother was an artist... I couldn't tell you why for sure. What I can tell you is that I really love what I do and I spend a lot of time refining, perfecting and even obsessing over my work... It is a passion. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on things such as what is my "style" of photography. Style comes with time and is a difficult thing to force. I think more important than style is being aware of the literal nature of the image I see and striving to go beyond that in an aesthetic sense to create a captivating image. Below you will find a link to my "official" biography written by someone I don't even know... and excerpts from other biographical writings by people I haven't even heard of. And further down this page there is even my autobiography penned at an earlier date when I was a bit more full of myself. If you are interested in what I'm like as a person you may glean something from here:

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